Create App pool using WIX common issue. “Enable 32-Bit Applications” = true

As i illustrated in last Post I’ve used WIX tool-set to create an MSI for a WCF web service that create APP Pool with .NET 4.0 and the Web Service attached to the created App Pool indeed.

It was smooth util i had the Issue that the created App Pool property Enable 32-Bit Application set to True by default after installation, and that limit the App Pool to Run only the 32-Bit Web Applications and Indeed my WCF was 64 Bit.

To solve this Issue you have to Set the Attribute “Win64” to “true” in the <component> tag where the  <iis:WebAppPool> created inside and that will create the App pool with Enable 32-Bit Applications = “false”.

But, while you are building the WIX project to create the MSI package, you might face this Error

“ICE80: This package contains 64 bit component ‘Your App pool Component Name’ but the Template Summary Property does not contain Intel64 or x64.”

There is no Fix for this .. Just Ignore and believe me, the created Package is working perfectly for you.